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Make your wedding day even more special by planning a destination wedding in Panorama and Oceania Villas.

Their innovative design and their side by side location allows for the two villas to be rented for magical wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Panorama Villa can hold a wedding reception up to 60 guests and Oceania Villa up to 40 guests. Combining both villas, they can accommodate up to 100 guests.

We ensure that every couple that chooses our villas for their wedding, is having the best services for their wedding celebration. We collaborate with the best wedding planners, wedding caterers and suppliers for planning your wedding day and execute them as appropriate.

We offer exclusive wedding packages for your individual taste and preferences at very reasonable prices. In addition, if you have your own "wedding book idea" then, we are here to help you to create your own bespoke wedding of your dreams.

For more information please contact us directly or visit the exclusive website for weddings of Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas at www.weddingcyprusvillas.com

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