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About Us

A small family-owned business that was founded in 2014, Panorama Holiday and Wedding Cyprus Villas are the legal owners of the two majestic villas, Panorama Villa and Oceania Villa, in Paphos, and the one luxurious apartment in Limassol.

Even though the villas have been available for rent since 2008 through a selection of expert travel agents, we have decided to run it on our own as we want to provide our customers the best services and affordable prices that exist in the market.

Renting directly from us, the owners, with no man in the middle, was the main idea when launching the first website Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas in 2014, specializing in weddings. Professional wedding planners and caterers were in collaboration with us, for making Panorama and Oceania Villas two of the best wedding venues in Cyprus.

After the success of Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas for renting the villas either for weddings or for holidays, a second website was launched in 2016, Panorama Holiday Cyprus Villas, exclusively for holidays.

Our company provides high quality services not only from us but also from all of our partners, since we want to make your stay the best holiday experience that you had. We provide a 24hr support for your ease and we guarantee affordable prices from all of our partners and all necessary arrangements for the services that you will like; catering, taxi transfers, accommodation, entertainment etc.

The aim of Panorama Holiday Cyprus Villas is to satisfy each one of our customers individually, meet their demands and needs, and create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and happiness. Every guest who stays at the villas or at the apartment of Panorama Holiday Cyprus Villas will live unforgettable holidays with their loved ones, with the best prices and offers all over the island.

We would like to thank everyone who support us and strength our business with their holidays and weddings that took place in our villas.